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Waterfall Branch Chandelier


A four-bulb branch chandelier suitable for a bedroom, entryway, or small dining table.

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This is a 4-bulb, live branch chandelier. The branch orientation gives the lights a cascading waterfall effect. It’s been hand-finished and oiled to bring out the wood’s natural character. Standard 40w candelabra bulbs give a warm, even glow. LED candelabra bulbs will work in the fixture as well. This is a mid-sized branch chandelier, similar to this one in our own home. It’s well-suited to an entryway, bedroom, or smaller dining table. It’s currently wired to a standard switch and plug, which allows you to hang it nearly anywhere. If you’d prefer a cleaner look, it’s straightforward to clip off the plug and switch and wire it into a ceiling fixture.

Dimensions: 42″ x 17″ x 16″ (height to tallest bulb) or 25″ (height to master ring)